CASI is proud to announce something very special - a National Scholarship Program that will be available for graduating student application through all of our local CASI Pods (Chapters).

In the last few years CASI has bestowed a college scholarship to the top graduating student from Terlingua High School, with some technical school scholarships also awarded. On September 9, 2000, the annual meeting of the Great Peppers (Pod/Chapter Presidents) was held in Denver, Colorado. At this meeting the Great Peppers approved a motion to enhance our scholarship program to include graduating students from across the United States and beyond. The CASI Scholarship Fund was immediately established to assist with this endeavor.

To benefit the CASI Scholarship Fund, there will be a day of competition added to our Terlingua International Chili Championship each year. All of the money raised on Friday will be deposited in the CASI Scholarship Fund.

As you know, CASI is a tax-exempt charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, and any contribution that you or your business would like to make to this fund is tax deductible. Currently the scholarships we are granting are in the amount of $1,000.00 per year, for a maximum of four years. As this fund grows we hope to someday be able to offer full scholarships to deserving students. As you can see CASI has big plans for this new program, and we hope that many of you will feel the same way and do what you can to make the CASI Scholarship Program a great success. 

CASI has decided to grant five, four year, one thousand dollars per year, scholarships. To apply for one of these scholarships you must first contact the Great Pepper (President) of the CASI Chili Pod (Chapter) closest to you. For a complete list of CASI Chili Pods, and their Great Pepper, simply visit